Sunday, November 20, 2011

Google Chrome Extension - Extended Share for Google Plus

Extended Share For Google+ and Google Shortcuts

Google Chrome is an extraordinary browser and there are a ton of reasons you should be using it. But in reality, getting the Chrome Browser without adding any extensions is like someone handing you an empty plate for dinner. Because the real power of Google Chrome lies in the extensions that you have installed and all the added functionality you gain as a result. 

In this episode of the Ms. Ileane Speaks podcast, I mentioned that while listening to Social Media Today over on Blog Talk Radio, I was introduced to another reason to use one of my favorite extensions. 

Dr. Ron Capps is the host of the show along with Mr. Ken English aka MediaMojoGuy. Dr. Capps, also known on @NicheProf, mentioned a unique way to use an extension called Extended Share for Google Plus. Listen as I describe how this extension allows him to move Google+ to the front of his social media sharing pipeline so to speak. 
Options for Extended Share for Google+

I also shared in the chat room on today's show another extension I found last week called Google Shortcuts.
"Choose from 160 Google services to show up as buttons in a space-saving to your address bar...The extension includes more than 150 Google services and websites."

Take a look at adding these extensions and if you want more here are some fantastic extensions that I've already covered on my blog and YouTube:

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