Sunday, November 6, 2011

How To Record a Podcast Using Spreaker

How to Record a Podcast Using Spreaker

In August I did a review of a podcasting service called Spreaker. At the time there were some features that I wanted to see and so the post was called My Wishlist of Five Things to Change on Spreaker.
Well it seems that Spreaker is listening to the feedback from their users and they have turned my wishlist into a reality. Best of all is this wonderful new embed player, with pause and scroll controls that we can embed in our blog posts or on our websites. 

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The player can be customized is size, color and function and one of nice little surprises is that you can now share your tracks on Twitter, Facebook and even Google+.

You can listen to the updated review of Spreaker for Podcasting above, or watch the video on my YouTube Channel. You'll get to see the fabulous DJ Console for live Broadcasting or standard recording.

What else is new with Spreaker? They just released a free Spreaker for iPhone app! Now you can record your podcast on the go.

Here's a blurb from the ZDNet blog:
"Spreaker (free) just went live in the App Store this morning and it does for audio what Twitter does for text (and YouTube does for video): it makes it easy to share audio content across social networks."

Let me know what you think or if you plan on starting a podcast on Spreaker!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that you can upload a pre-recorded podcast to Spreaker too. In fact I rarely Broadcast with the DJ console myself. I record my audio in Audacity first and then upload the wav file to Spreaker. Thanks for the reminder Clinton!
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