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How To Insert AdSense Units Inside A Blog Post

Using Google AdSense To Monetize Your Blog

Many bloggers are using Google AdSense to monetize their blogs. Certainly this can provide an income for you if you have a good amount of targeted traffic coming to your blog or website. You can apply for the AdSense program with your Google Account and typically your blog should be more than six months old. 

In a previous post I mentioned that one of my favorite podcasts is AdSense Flippers and these guys are making a decent living by creating AdSense sites and selling them for a profit. Although they have acheived success through selling AdSense sites I think most bloggers would be happy if they can just earn a few dollars to pay for web hosting or other online expenses.  

Adding AdSense on a Blogger Blog 

Last year I recorded a video demonstrating how to monetize a Blogger blog with AdSense using a Blogger "Gadget". At the time I was using Blogger's Dynamic Views template. You can see that video here:

How To Add AdSense To a Blogger Blog Tutorial

I no longer use the Dynamic Views template on Blogger because the down-side is that you cannot edit the template manually and I wanted something more flexible. 

I got this request in the comments on that YouTube video. Arlene wants to know:

How to add AdSense inside a blog post

How To Insert AdSense Units Inside A Blog Post

I think this is an excellent idea for a follow-up video and blog post. I get a lot of questions about AdSense from new bloggers over in my Facebook Group so I'm sure this video will be helpful to those of you who are new to AdSense. This is also a good tutorial for some veteran AdSense users who haven't turned on targeting for their ads yet. 

If you've been using AdSense on your blog for months but your ads aren't performing well there are three possible reasons:

1. You're not getting enough traffic
2. You're not using targeting
3. You're not testing different placement, types and ad sizes
    In this video I'll show you how to create and insert the ads and address the issues of targeting and ad types and sizes. Here are the steps you need to take:
    • Go to My Ads
    • Create a new Custom Channel for your blog and pick an ad size
    • Create a new Ad Unit for your custom channel using the same size
    • Name the Ad Unit and set-up ad targeting
    • Describe the content of the blog or the post you will insert the ad on
    • Save and copy the AdSense code
    • Go to your blog's post editor
    • Switch to the HTML or Text view
    • Pick the spot you want the AdSense unit to appear and insert the code
    • Update the post

    Your Ad should appear immediately on your blog. I recommend testing it for a few weeks before you decide to make any changes to the size or ad type. 

    One more thing I want to mention. Many bloggers are using too many AdSense units on their blogs and this is not a good idea. Be conservative and limit yourself to no more than 2 AdSense units on a page in the beginning. If you find that these are working well for you gradually you can add more but Google recommends that you don't have too many ads at the top of your page.

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    What about you, do you earn money from AdSense on your blog? What's your best strategy for AdSense placement?

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