Saturday, December 31, 2011

How To Show AdSense on Your Blogger Blog with Dynamic Views

How To Show AdSense on Your Blogger Blog

Google redesigned their products during 2011 and Blogger blogs are no exception - YouTube, Gmail, Google+ and even Google search were all given a face lift and are now much more eye appealing and customizable for users. One of the cool things about Blogger's redesign is called Dynamic Views. They give your blog a much cleaner look, however many might be disappointed to see the banner ads in the sidebars disappear. 
--> On the other hand, with Dynamic Views you can attract more traffic to your blog and you can also use Blogger's new Dynamic Views to easily monetize your blog with AdSense. 
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In this YouTube video tutorial, I demonstrate how to toggle through the choices for dynamic views on your Blogger blog.  I also show how to manage the placement of ads and how to display AdSense on your sidebar and at the bottom of your blog post along with other alternatives. 

Read more about Dynamic Views on Blogger Buzz.

You should always test placement of your AdSense adds to see what works best for your audience and gets you the most exposure for your ads. Also be sure that your ads are targeted to your audience by checking the settings in your AdSense account. 
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