Saturday, October 1, 2011

How To Add YouTube Annotations to Your Videos

How to Add YouTube Annotations to Your Videos

YouTube annotations are a great way to brand your YouTube videos. Adding annotations might sound intimidating, but it's not hard to do and using them has some great advantages. For example you can:
  • Show the url of your blog, Google+, Twitter or Facebook page
  • Get people to subscribe to your YouTube Channel
  • Link to your other videos and playlists on YouTube
  • Pause your video
  • Add a Title to your video
  • Set the duration of the annotation
One of the benefits of having annotations on your video is that when someone embeds your video on their site, who ever sees the video will also see your branding. They can also click on the hyperlinks to subscribe to your channel and to your other videos.

Move the annotations around to any point in the video you like. I recommend adding a "Subscribe" or "Like" annotation that pop-ups after your introduction and lasts for a few seconds. It's also a good idea to place another annotation reminder near the end of the video. If they watched all the way to the end, most likely they will give you a thumbs up and subscribe for more. 

Check out annotations in action on this video which is one of the most popular videos on my YouTube Channel with over 5,000 views. Diigo Bookmark Chrome Extension.

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