Sunday, October 9, 2011

Promote Your Videos on YouTube Using Playlists

Promote Your Videos on YouTube Using Playlists
In the last episode of the podcast we talked about using YouTube Annotations to Your Videos which to get more subscribers to your channel. Today's tip is about using YouTube Playlists to get more views on your videos.

You can create YouTube Playlists to organize related videos into a collection that you want to promote to your audience. You can also embed playlists on your blog just like you do individual videos.
YouTube Playlist on Sidebar
Here some advantages of YouTube Playlists:
  • Listed as the first item on the sidebar
  • Sorted by number of views
  • Reordered according to your preference
  • Customized with notes and thumbnails
  • Featured on Channel Page
Playlist Featured on Channel Sidebar

Explore the flexibility of YouTube Playlists and use them to your advantage. One thing I noticed when I took a look at my Social Media playlist is that I could do a better job with the titles I'm using, which in turn will make my video much more easy to find in YouTube searches and on Google.
For example, I created a video tutorial for using HootSuite early last year which I called HootSuite 2010 - Ms. Ileane Speaks. But a much better title is the one I'm using now HootSuite Tutorial and how to use and (that's a little SEO tip for you). ☺

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