Saturday, September 10, 2011

Get Tracking Statistics for Multiple Video Services with Tube Mogul

I was excited to get an email from YouTube that stated:
"Your YouTube account MsIleaneSpeaks might be eligible to earn revenue from the playbacks of your videos"
Eventually my account was approved and if you visit my YouTube channel you will notice ads appearing on the page, similar to AdSense.
I've always wondered how many video views I would need before being accepted for this monetization program with YouTube. So I logged into my account with TubeMogul to take a look at how many views my videos are getting. I know that I can see the view count on YouTube, but I want to compare YouTube views against the other networks I distribute my videos to. 

In this image you can see my statistics from:

  • YouTube - 18,070 views
  • MetaCafe - 941 views
  • Daily Motion - 463 views
*I just started tracking views from Viddler today

Here's a video

There are many other video services you can connect with your TubeMogul account, just be sure to read the TOS for each service before you sign up because some have more restrictions than others. 

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Have you uploaded your videos to other sites besides YouTube? What is you favorite service?
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