Monday, September 13, 2010

Why BloggerLuv is Great for Bloggers

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Why BloggerLuv is Great for Bloggers

Ever since I started blogging, I have always been fascinated with blogging communities. The problem is that there are probably hundreds of them online, and many of them aren’t worth the trouble of joining. All require some sort of registration process, and then you need to verify your blog, and or display some image somewhere on you pages.

In order to avoid making my blog look like a mess of small little images, I simply dropped many of the blogging communities like a bad habit. Recently, however, I was reading Basic Blog Tips (if you are a new blogger, you should check it out), and noticed Ileane (the author) mentioned a blogging community called BloggerLuv. I decided to check it out.

Why Join BloggerLuv?

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To put it simply, BloggerLuv is a blogging community, created by and run/managed (at the moment) by John Sullivan. What he has created is a community of great bloggers who promote, share, chat, and help others with blogging.


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