Sunday, September 12, 2010

Need Traffic Now? Ask me How. via @alexwhalley23

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Need Traffic Now? Ask me How.

Alex Whalley's blog traffic tips

I received an email the other day from a fellow blogger asking for any tips I could share or strategies I could recommend on how they could get more traffic to their blog. It got me thinking about the processes I follow on a regular basis that help generate a good flow of daily visitors to this blog, and after writing a detailed email back to my blogging friend, I thought I would edit the answer and share it with you here in a post.

viral marketing blueprintThis post is going to be somewhat shorter than the usual post one would expect from me, especially because the last one was darn near EPIC. Seriously; the only thing missing from it was a sub plot involving two hobbits and a quest for good over evil…or something. TitledThe Viral Marketing Blueprint – Your Step by Step Guide to Being Everywhere‘ it outlined the processes, places, and people you needed to know in order to be everywhere, as well as the best way to leverage your content to make that possible. It received rave reviews and as I mentioned in the post itself, is to become the framework for a much more detailed and indepth version.(but more on that later – just sign up to my list to be the first to know!)

fuck google, ask me for traffic tips
  • Guest Blogging (check the Guest Blog page above to see how my many contributions throughout the blogosphere)

    As a result of my considerable Guest posting, the number of visitors I receive from the contributing sites makes up for almost 40% of my total
  • Blog Hopping and Effective Blog Commenting (the ONLY way to build your initial online presence – without monetary cost)

    There is no way to judge this on a visitor count, but it definitely accounts for a steady flow of traffic, AND without it I would still be talking to myself – maybe.

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