Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ever Consider Blogging Without SEO?

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Ever Consider Blogging Without SEO

By Ileane

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SEO Debates

If you follow many of The Debates About SEO you might find yourself confused. In the SEO world, keyword research is imperative, yet often it causes many bloggers to go overboard which can lead to what’s called “keyword stuffing”. If you are confused by this jargon, don’t be. My goal for this post is to assure you, that you absolutely do not need to use SEO in every circumstance.

I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot by trying to convince you that learning search engine optimization is a waste of time. Knowledge is power and as a blogger, the more power you have the better. Learn all the SEO jargon you can, and give yourself a taste of it one chunk at a time whenever your schedule permits. Yet personally, after blogging for more than one year I find SEO to be the most boring, monotonous, and tedious aspects of the entire blogosphere. (Btw, searching for royalty free images is boring too, especially when you can’t find the one you really want).


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