Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dropbox Boasts Host of Added Value Plugins via @kevincumbria

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Dropbox Boasts Host Of Added Value Plugins To Supercharge Service

dropboxlogo thumb Dropbox Boasts Host Of Added Value Plugins To Supercharge Service Dropbox is fast becoming one of the de facto ways of storing and sharing files between computers, friends and colleagues – and deservedly so. One of the key factors with Dropbox is that it just works – out of the box so to speak – and is simplicity itself. If only it could sync any folder on your PC without having to faff about with third party command line programs!  I suspect that most people use Dropbox “as it comes” but the company’s site lists a substantial of plugins and bolt on goodies for all OS platforms to enhance the way you can work with the service. I think you will be suitably impressed with what is on offer.

All platforms

AirDropper – A web application that allows Dropbox users to request a file from anyone, even if the person doesn’t have a Dropbox account.

The dropbox plugin – You can use this plugin to integrate Dropbox into WordPress to download, browse and upload filesdropboxConnections.phpDropbox Class.

Dropbox Buddy Desktop Suite – A powerful, full featured Windows client/server .net desktop application that turns Dropbox into a “2-way street”. Now you may download files and control a remote server machine from another (client) computer, Start and end processes, run batch commands and get lists of running processes. Latest version 1.5.

Dropbox Screen Grabber – A simple application which sits in the system tray and allows you to capture the screenshot of the whole desktop or the currently active window and save it to the Dropbox public folder.

DropboxCopyPlugin – This program helps you share your Dropbox Public files with the touch of a button. The application copies and moves files to the Public folder and retrieves all public URLs and places them on to your clipboard. This plug-in has a friendly interface and is simple to use. Now you can move your ‘My Dropbox’ folder using this plug-in. You don’t need to install any libs or frameworks to run this software.


DropFuse – Linkable folder filesystem. Mount a linkable folder and use it in a regular file browser.

Linux CLI – A CLI for the Linux Dropbox client. Supports almost all of the commands available in the GUI.


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