Sunday, September 19, 2010

IE 9 Beta and the Headache That Followed After Install

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IE 9 Beta And The Headache That Followed After Install (Vista)

First off I am aware beta’s are full of bugs that need to be ironed out and that IE9 doesn’t work with XP…

Microsoft has really put the icing on the cake with the launch of their new IE9 Beta When I first downloaded Ie9 I thought okay cool let’s see what’s new and that’s when the headache nightmare begin… First off it took way longer than other competitor browsers to install which I didn’t mind too much but after having to wait for the long period installation and a system restart for the installation to complete then the  IE9 browser crashed upon start-up…  I thought okay maybe it’s a add-on causing this so I ran IE9 with the add-ons disabled still didn’t fix the issue…

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