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'Tis the Season for Sharing from StumbleUpon Blog

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‘Tis the Season for Sharing

Introducing The New Share Panel
The gift of StumbleUpon is equally enjoyed given or received.  That’s why we’re so excited to introduce this holiday season’s must-have accessory for the Stumbler in your life:  An all-new share panel!
Our new share panel, accessible from the web-based bar, Chromebar and Review Pages, features a cleaner interface and a separate tab for the Stumblers with whom you share most frequently. As with the previous panel, you can share a site to multiple Stumblers at once.
Want to share that great Christmas ham recipe with your family, but they’re not on StumbleUpon yet? You can now share a page by email with multiple people simultaneously; no need to send a series of individual email shares.  And if you don’t know their emails by heart – you can now import them from your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email address books. While you’re at it, invite those friends and family members to become Stumblers so they’ll start finding interesting web pages too!

How to start sharing directly with other Stumblers

Simply visit another Stumbler’s profile page and click the Follow button, keeping the “Accept shares to my toolbar” box checked. This will send an email notification to the Stumbler explaining that you’re now following him or her, with an invitation to follow you back and accept direct shares from you. Once that Stumbler has also checked the “Accept shares to my toolbar” box you will be able to share sites directly to each other, and the Stumbler will appear on your Share panel.
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