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[Another] Guide to Centralizing Your Social Sharing With Amplify

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A Guide to Centralizing Your Social Sharing With Amplify

The web 2.0 era brought along a number of cool sites and services which made online conversations and sharing an easy and elegant process. No wonder the number of chain emails I receive (you know, those emails from friends containing pictures, jokes and all) have been decreasing over the years. I hardly receive any of them these days.
My friends and kins prefer services like Facebook and Twitter over email to share articles, conversations, images and videos. And rightly so. They are built for sharing and do a better job than email at that.
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So, it’s good that a lot of sharing is happening but the problem is that none of that is centralized. If you are someone like me who participates on several social sites, and want to customize your sharing across all those sites without investing a lot of time, you’d agree that there aren’t many good tools that help you do that.
While previously mentioned Posterous also has an auto-post feature, there’s a new tool called Amplify that, in my opinion, does a better job at centralizing your social sharing. It has some really cool features which make sharing across multiple social sites a cakewalk (and hence, a lot less time consuming).

What is Amplify Exactly?

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Amplify is a clipping cum micro-blogging cum sharing service that lets you create and post text, images and videos to a micro-blog, and also autopost that to several other services at the same time.
Here are some of the services it allows you to auto-post to.
  • Twitter ( you can add multiple Twitter accounts )
  • Facebook ( can have multiple profile, and pages )
  • Posterous
  • Google Buzz
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Google Buzz
  • Bit.ly
  • Delicious
  • Clipmarks
..and more.
The site offers a bookmarklet, as well as extensions for Firefox and Chrome. I personally prefer the bookmarklet for my sharing needs.

Sharing Via Email

You can also post to Amplify via email. On your Amplify dashboard, under tools, you’ll find a post by email option. Clicking on that takes you to a page which shows the email address assigned for your posts. You can send emails to that address and have stuff posted on your Amplify blog, and subsequently autoposted on other sites.
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There are ways to customize the email posting. For example, if you just want to autopost to Twitter, you can write Autopost Twitter in the first line of the email. If there are multiple Twitter accounts, it can be Autpost Twitter1, Autpost Twitter2.


Overall, I found Amplify to be impressive. I have already started using Amplify, and will continue to use it for the next few days to check the overall effect it has on my social sharing productivity. While I’ll continue to use a Twitter client, and continue posting through Facebook’s main interface, I think I’ll be using this tool primarily for sharing the random (and cool) pages I come across on the web every day.
I’d love to know how you liked the tool. Check it out and see if it works for you. And let us know how it went. The comments section awaits your feedback. :)
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