Sunday, October 3, 2010

JPEG Will Be Replaced by Google WebP via @Tek3D

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JPEG will be replaced by Google WebP

According to Google, images now account for about 65% of the content on the Internet. Most images are encrypted using the old and big JPEG format which is issued in 1992. They always expects to speed up your browsing experience by decreasing the size of images and not affecting image quality.

JPEG format is the lossy compressed standard, images will not be preserved when they are encrypted multiple times. A number of other formats such as PNG are preserved because they always keep the original image data.

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Firstly, the encoding time of a WebP image is 8 times longer than JPEG. And more importantly, most browsers including Chrome don’t support displaying WebP images, so WebP images are encoded using PNG format now. You can download the WebP conversion tool from Google here. Google is developing a patch to WebKit to provide native support for WebP in the next release of Google Chrome, so I think there is a bright future ahead for the new image standard.Read more at

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