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12seconds is Shutting Down - on #Amplify

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12seconds Is Shutting Down

By Janko Roettgers
Oct. 4, 2010, 3:50pm
Twitter video community 12seconds has announced that it is going to shut down by October 22. 12seconds offered users the ability to record short video clips (you probably guessed by now how short exactly) and share those clips via Twitter as well as within the 12seconds community. Users will be given a chance to export all their clips in the coming days.
In an open letter published on its home page, 12seconds CEO Sol Lipman said that “it’s time to call it quits,” adding:
“12seconds is not a failure — it is a life well-lived.  It really is about the journey.  I know this because I’m at the destination.”
A slightly less prosaic way to say this would be that most of the 12seconds team has also been involved with the 2square competitor Rally Up, which was bought by AOL for less than $10 million in August. Lipman told me during a phone conversation that there simply wasn’t enough time anymore to make any significant changes to 12seconds.
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