Saturday, October 26, 2013

Top Podcasting Resources Curated on Listly

Top Podcasting Resources Wanted is a content curation tool that is simple to use and share on the web. 
Here's a list of Top Podcasting Resources that I started to collect, but I need your help to make this list complete! 

Simply set up an account with, visit the Top Podcasting Resources list and click the add button to add a resource to the list. You can also give a rating to the items on the list by giving each one an up vote or a down vote. I started the list off by adding a few of the podcasting collections that I started curating in the last few years including my topic and Pinterest board. 

Podcasting Resources and Technology Community on Google+

I got the inspiration for this list from the fantastic members of the Podcasting Resources and Technology Community on Google+. This group is extremely helpful and many of the members have a long history in podcasting and internet broadcasting. Being a member of this community demonstrates how important it is to network and collaborate with your peers and connect to thought leaders in your industry.

Contribute Your Resources

Just to be clear about what is appropriate for this, it is not intended to list individual blog posts or podcasts. There is a different for that purpose which you find here.

As you can see below, is easy to embed on your blog but it is truly a work in progress. 
Top Podcasting Resources
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Do you have any podcasting resources you would like to add to the list? Head over to and look for the Add to List button at the top right. 

Then you will see the pop-up for Add New Item.

After I approve the item it will appear on the I'm looking forward to your contributions and I'm sure you'll find some new podcasting resources to explore.
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