Friday, November 16, 2012

Lynette Young Presents Google Plus for You

Google Plus For You 

Presented by Lynette Young from Purple Stripe Productions

Lynette Young presents on how entrepreneurs and small businesses can get started with Google+.  This presentation was given at the Greater Philly Small Business Marketers Meetup on November 14, 2012.

Philly Small Business Marketers Meetups

I had the pleasure of meeting Lynette and my daughter took this picture of us.

Lynette Young and Ileane Smith

Here is a picture I took of my daughter Nikki Purvy. Ironically she asked me earlier that day to explain Google Plus to her. That was some timing wasn't it. 

Nikki Purvy

Liz Cies helped organize the event along with the other wonderful AWeber staff members.

Liz Cies from AWeber

Key points from the presentation:

Lynette has over 1.5 million followers on Google Plus and she is the founder of the Women of Google Plus so it is safe to say she knows the platform extremely well. She shared several reasons that small business owners and marketers should hangout on Google+.

She discussed the benefits of setting up your profile correctly including your profile picture and Google Authorship. There is a new feature rolling out that will show Authorship stats on your profile. 

Share your content publicly so that it can be found in the search engines and in Google + searches and add the Google + sharing buttons. 

Google + Hangouts and Hangouts on Air are powerful tools for promoting your business.  

Look forward to Lynnette's book which will be available in 2 weeks but you can pre-order Google + for Small Businesses now. 


More about Google Plus and YOU!

Have you started using Google + yet? How many followers do you have so far?

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