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I joined back in 2010. I found out about it from my friend Brian Belfitt the owner of Blog Engage (which is another popular network I recommend). 

In this message from Park, owner of, he describes the site in simple terms:

"This re-designed community site is even better for letting talented bloggers know each other and share resourceful contents. Here, I hope you will introduce yourself here, enjoy great contents and invite friends with similar mindset."
I agree that this is exactly what you will find at and here's why I think you will benefit from joining the site:

Be Featured on the homepage of Home Page

Each day new blogs are featured on the home page of the site as Editors Picks of the Day. This gives everyone a chance to be noticed in the community.

Share your content on Dashboard

Add the RSS feed for all of your blogs to and get more exposure and traffic.

Get Backlinks from

Backlinks from

Here's a screenshot from Google Webmaster Tools showing the number of incoming links from the site. currently has a page rank of 6 [October 2012]

Meet New Friends on

Talks on

Chat and mingle with other bloggers on the site. You will find some talks with hundreds of comments from other like-minded bloggers you can connect with.

Discover Blog post ideas on

Content Ideas from

You can search by topic, country, popular bloggers, top blogs and new blogs. Get enough votes from your blogging peers and you can be listed as one of the Best Bloggers in the World!

My experience with

If you're thinking to yourself I don't have time for another social network, don't worry you don't need to spend time on the site to benefit from signing up. Most of the time I don't visit the site yet I get friend requests all the time. Have you ever heard the saying "set it and forget it" - well that is what you can do with your account on The backlinks from the site will add up each time to publish a blog post. Others can vote on your content if they wish but it's not mandatory.  Sign up with Twitter and this will also might the process quick and carefree on your part. This is one of the few sites that you can get noticed quickly without  a huge investment of time. 

When you create your account and add the RSS feeds from your blogs, you will need to place a small badge in your sidebar or footer.  

TIP: link the badge to your profile page so that people can easily find your account and add you as a friend. Bonus Tips

Have you joined What's your experience with it so far?
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