Sunday, May 13, 2012

Introducing Facebook Timeline Slicer Pro

Facebook Timeline Slicer Pro is so easy to use that you can make a new Timeline cover for your Facebook page in around 2 minutes, and you never need to worry if it's going to be the correct size. This tool was introduced by Joey Kissimmee from Income Press a couple of days ago and I'm really excited to introduce it to you in this post. 

New Features Available on Facebook Timeline Slicer: 

  • Shared Images 
  • Sponsored Stories
  • Facebook Ads

Here is an example of what a Facebook post looks like after using the "Shared Image" option on the Timeline Slicer Pro to size the image properly.

Facebook Timeline Slicer Pro
New features for Facebook Timeline Slicer

I was using the free version of Facebook Timeline Slicer and it was good, but I still needed to open my graphics program to size the image and add text or layer more graphics. Timeline Slicer Pro takes this process to a whole new level and I know you are going to love this tool! 

Let Joey show you how easy it is to use Timeline Slicer Pro!

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