Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ditch the Fake Like Button on Your Facebook Timeline

Earlier this year Facebook launched Timeline for Facebook Pages. I really like the new Timeline for pages much better than I did when they launched this feature for profiles. That's pretty ironic considering I never like when Facebook makes major changes like this because everyone has to scramble around to figure out which way is up!


Lucky for me, I have wonderful friends like Kim Castleberry to help me navigate through all of this Facebook "mess". Do yourself a favor and head over to Kim's page when you're done here so you can keep yourself abreast of all the changes and find out how you can market effectively on Facebook (and just about anywhere else for that matter) :)

Kim recently held a two hour webinar where all my geeky friends attended as well as some new ones.
(btw if you were there, let me know and I can add your name to the list). 

As Kim was guiding us through every step of these changes we came to the topic of the Facebook apps and how they are now mostly hidden. Currently this is what you'll see - I like to use Starbucks as an example since they have a tons of Likes. 

When you switch to Timeline you're page will show only 4 apps! So all of those Facebook apps and tabs you had before are no longer visible right away.

  1. Photo apps - this one can NOT be removed
  2. Fake like button (watch the video and you'll see why it's fake)
  3. Your third app
  4. Your fourth app
Notice that I have an arrow pointing to the "real" like button and I also point to the place where you can switch these apps around. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. It's called Ditch the fake "Like" Button on your Facebook Page Timeline

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You can check out my Facebook Page and like it now if you want (with the REAL like button).

Yup, it's true you should ditch the Fake Like Button On Your Facebook Timeline!

Before you go, I want to here your thoughts. After watching the video do you plan to get rid of the "Fake" like button? Let me know in the comments below.

Updated: At the end of the video I added a bonus tip for increasing engagement with your Facebook fans. Credit for this tip goes to Easy Street Social.

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