Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spreaker Review - My Wish List of 5 Things to Change on Spreaker

After using Spreaker for my audio podcast over the last few weeks, here's my first review. As a great alternative to iTunes, Spreaker is a free online service that allows you to create a podcast. 

You can upload your own music or choose from the library of pre-recorded track and sound effects. I was honored to have my podcast featured as Staff Pick of the Week back in July and overall I think it's a great service. 

I created a Wish List for 5 things I like to see changed on Spreaker and hopefully the folks at Spreaker will take them into consideration.

  1. Facebook Page Posting (learn how to use RSS Graffiti to post to Facebook Pages instead)
  2. Importing various file types including WAV
  3. Removing the intro commercial
  4. Playback controls - especially pause
  5. Embed codes for individual episodes
You can listen to my podcast on Spreaker at Ms. Ileane Speaks and you can find it on iTunes.

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