Sunday, July 17, 2011

Latest News and Twitter Tips from Basic Blog Tips

In this podcast I talk about the Blog Engage Guest posting contest for June 2011. My post won 5th place in the contest and my prize was $50, a free month of Gold RSS Syndication Service (you can use my affiliate link to sign up for the RSS service at Blog Engage) and Contest Sponsorship Services at Blog Engage.

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In summary, these are some of the resources I discuss in the winning post called How To Be A Social Media Research Ninja for Your Blog:

  1. Twylah
  2. Pluggio
  3. Summify
  4. Social Mention
  5. StumbleUpon
  6. Klout
  8. YoLink
Check out these services and let me know if you have used any of them before. 

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