Thursday, June 16, 2011

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The Dichotomy of the Dog

46, #14: Ileane's Records

Ileane's records, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, 6/15/11
Ileane, a friend at work, gave me some records today. Really good records.

I had passed the link to my Etsy site onto Ileane and she enjoyed the album cover notebooks I'm making. They reminded her that she had some records tucked away at home that had belonged, I think, to her parents and grandparents, and she decided to pass them on to me. She thought I could possibly make some cool notebooks out of them (and I certainly good), but I think these records will be going on my shelf, covers intact. We're talking some classic jazz, R&B, soul and funk. And a Four Lads LP!

It was very nice of Ileane to give me the records and I have a pretty good way to thank her, I think. The nicest part for me is that these records are part of Ileane's musical memory and she felt secure that they'd find a good home with me, whether or not I used them for my crafty project.
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