Saturday, February 19, 2011

Embed Plus Adds Extra Controls to Video Embeds

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Want to enhance the viewer experiences and discussions around the YouTube videos
you embed for free? With our first release*, you can now upgrade your embeds with real-time reactions, DVD-like controls, and
more without having to alter original content.

All you need is a standard video link and within seconds, our wizard gives embed
code for the features below:

Scene Skipping

Like DVD chapter buttons, click these to skip to marked times. Use the wizard to
mark notable parts like game highlights, changing performers, and lecture sections.
Bloggers, vloggers, and commenters can mark multiple events and then simply reference
scene numbers in discussions.

Real-time Reactionsbeta

Discussions about a video occur in many places. Optionally enable this button to
show viewers the latest Internet reactions, right inside the player
. We
are currently showing YouTube
comments and Twitter feeds;
more platforms soon.


Cut / Splice / Chop only the particularly interesting part of a video to
show during playback.

Movable Zoom

Added accessibility. Dynamically magnifies the area you point over. Use it
to get a close look at objects, writing, and things like
moving athletes

Third Party Annotations

Add your own timed annotations to any video. Use it to display titles, captions,
scene labels, and side comments
during playback. The control bar displays
the text to avoid blocking the video screen and possibly distracting viewers.

Slow Motion On-Demand

Instantly watch videos at a slower rate to more clearly see what happens. Use it
for videos with sports highlights, demos, tricks,
and raw footage
. Try it with scene 3 above.

Instant Replay

Replay an event soon after it happens.

More coming soon...

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