Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Number One Way to Increase YouTube Views

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The Number One Way To Increase YouTube Views

Welcome back to the YouTube Series here on TechNShare. I know you have been excitedly waiting for the next installment in the series, like a kid at Christmas, I know. Last week we discussed tips to optimize YouTube videos.  So this week we are going to talk about the number one way to increase YouTube video views.
The Number One Way To Increase YouTube Views

Build Your Links

How To Link YouTube Videos

This is so easy to do. No, really it is…would I mislead you?!  So, here we go. Let’s take Ana Hoffman as our example. Ana’s YouTube channel is at a PR 6. Yes, I know I know, the little green fairy dust doesn’t mean anything. However, let’s pretend that it does, because in all actuality, it does in the SERPS.
  1. Click on your high viewed video.
  1. At the top you will see this toolbar:    Edit annotations/ Edit captions/subtitles/ AudioSwap  Insight stats
  1. Click on “Edit Annotations”
  1. You are now on the edit video page.
In the lower right hand corner of your video, you will see a box with the + symbol that lets you add a word bubble. Click on the “+” symbol and bam! A link box comes up. See screen shot below.
increase youtube views


While you still need to engage your subscribers and respond to comments, promote your videos and remain active, you can easily begin to build your links internally on all of your videos. A huge benefit of this practice is that if someone else loves your video and embeds it on their site…your link goes with it.

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