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So You Got A Social Network Account? Now What? via @Blondish #Amplify

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Nothing wrong with it unless you are glued to your computer seat even when you should be sleeping. Or you are a business that needs to expand their presence? The Internet really can help. Social networking has proved it.

However, are you making the most of that time? Are you connecting with people that matter and who you can bounce ideas off of or build a good relationship where both sides gain a lot?

If not, you might be a social media addict not set in the right direction.

Too many experts are saying

  • You need a Twitter account.
  • You need a Facebook fan page.
  • You need to have a presence on LinkedIn.
  • You need to create videos and host them on Youtube.
  • You need to blog.

While yes you should to the above, a lot of people when told the above statements are pretty much wondering – WHY?

Then after being told that it will increase awareness to their brand and overall business, of course business owners hop on board.

So – they create a Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, or any other necessary social network account.

Now what?

You have all these accounts, no followers – what to do now?

Your follower count is not going to increase over night and spamming people is not cool, so you have to take the longer route, meaning you have to work.

Here are a few places and suggestions to find people you can connect with that are interested in what you have to say, as well as what you may be interested in hearing.


Twellow – Twitter directory listing public profiles and organized into interests.

Of course there are others, hence why I always encourage anyone who leaves a comment to share them. ;)

Also communities like BlogEngage and BloggerLuv are great for bloggers in general to connect.

What resources or methods do you like to recommend for businesses and even bloggers to increase their presence online?


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