Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How To Add A ShareSidebar to Your Blog

Social networking is an important tool to help market your blog or website. Self-hosted Wordpress bloggers have tons of options when it comes to putting social sharing buttons on their blogs. I currently have the Digg Digg plugin installed on Basic Blog Tips but I've also used Sexy Bookmarks and a few others.

Get Rid of Sloppy Social Sharing Buttons

On the other hand Blogger blogs have some options but most of them are scattered, meaning they do not have the consistent layout or design elements that tie them together. You might see a big Tweetmeme button next to a skinny Facebook like button, and who-knows-what kind of StumbleUpon button you'll end up with. The bottom line is that they just don't coordinate with one another and they usually don't have a consistent layout or design.

ShareSidebar offers a unique alternative for Blogger blogs to have all of their sharing and social bookmarking options float on the side of the page in one coordinated nicely laid out sharing widget.

Here are the services that you can include:

You can also choose to have the buttons float on the left or the right. Get the code from the ShareSidebar website and here are the instructions to install it directly into your HTML Template.

According to their website:
The sidebar will increase sharing by 20-30% because of its unique and permanent position
What do you think? Don't you want to see an increase in the social sharing and bookmaking on your blog?
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