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eBusiness Resources List via @DonnaFontenot

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Chances are, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on software, services, and employees to get your small eBusiness up and running. You know you have the ability to do much of the work yourself, if you only had all the right tools, without all the expense. That’s what this list is for. Most of the tools and resources I’ve listed are either free or cheap, easy to use, or all of the above.*

eBusiness Coaching

Ok, that resource would be me, and I’m neither free, nor all that cheap. But you probably already knew that. :) Still, as a reminder, you can get more information about my coaching at my other site – Now let’s move on to the easy/free/cheap stuff. :)

Business Planning

Domain Names

Find the perfect domain name and register it at GoDaddy.


HostGator is the only hosting company that I recommend these days. I’ve been superbly happy with them for quite a while now.

Blog / CMS Site Creation Tools

Blog – WordPress – no better choice. (The self-hosted version – not

CMS – Snippet Master – easiest ultra-light content management system.


Open Source Web Design (OSWD) for free web design templates.

Logo Design

LogoYes is a DIY logo design service.

Or use Logo Nerds to get a custom logo designed.

Royalty Free Images

Marketing (Flyers, Postcards, Business Cards)

Time Tracking

Finances: Accounting / Billing / Invoicing / Taxes

Legal: Contracts, Forms, Business Letters

Time Management / Scheduling

Collaborating / Meeting / Networking / Office Apps

Backup / File Storage



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