Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Get My Awesome New WordPress Publish Confirmation Plugin!

Have you ever accidentally published a post before it was ready? Maybe you clicked “Publish” when you meant to click “Save”? And now this half-finish post is on your RSS feed and AAAARGGHGH!! It’s frustrating. It’s happened to me a few times, and it sucks. So I put together this simple FREE plugin.

Publish Confirmation is a plugin that serves one and only one purpose. When you press the “Publish” button, a little dialog box appears and says, “Are you SURE you want to publish this post?” You can either click OK (and your post will be published) or CANCEL (and your post post will not be published and you’ll return).

And that’s it! Wanna see a screenshot?

Here’s a screenshot:


And that’s all it does! See? What’d I tell ya! Pretty simple! (And yes, I realize that “OK” is not the correct answer for a yes/no question…)

And here’s a video (installation and overview):

Note: I didn’t craft the code for this plugin. I found it on a WordPress forum post here when I was searching for something similar. I tweaked the code a tiny bit and did everything to get it in the official WordPress database.

The plugin is simple and unobtrusive, so give it a test run and see how you like it!

Download the plugin from here.


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