Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twitter Wants Me To Follow Tweeps I Already Follow

Today I noticed some very strange behavior on Twitter. First a couple of Tweets were missing from my time line. I use HootSuite, so I thought that perhaps that was causing the problem so I logged on the New Twitter site to see if the Tweets could be located. (click the image to enlarge).

Much to my surprise I see that New Twitter recommends me to follow several Tweeps that I've been following for months. There is absolutely no way that I could "unfollow" these Tweeps by mistake!!

I've Been Following These Tweeps for Months!

Jimi Jones is one of the first bloggers I ever followed on Twitter
Melinda from Simple Home Org and I hit it off since the first day we met.
Wchingya and I were just chatting on Twitter this morning and we chat and retweet often
SourceBlogger is my home boy from Philly and I was just on his blog yesterday!!

Are you missing any Tweets? 

I wanted to let Sayed from Create a Website Income know that he won a prize in the CommentLuv Ambassadors Contest, so I sent him this Tweet. I also wanted to demonstrate how to track tweet stats in HootSuite. You'll see that the Tweet appears in my HootSuite tracking list but it never appeared on Twitter!!

Does Twitter want you to follow people you already follow? I went to JimiJones account to see if Twitter is aware that I'm following him. I was happy to see that I am. However I wonder why Twitter says that Jimi has sent only 83 tweets! (click image to enlarge)

I know Halloween is coming but this is really spooky!!

Twitter Status 

Mystery solved. I went to the Twitter Status site and discovered that these errors were to be expected.
"During this time, there may be brief periods of elevated errors."

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