Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reach a Wider Audience With Podcasting

How To Reach A Wider Audience With Podcasting

Most bloggers recognize the importance of sharing their content with as many social media outlets as they can get their hands on. It seems there’s no end to the number of sharing, microblogging, and bookmarking services to sign-up for. Social networking tools are a bloggers best friend and they can be used to provide a constant stream of traffic to your blog.
Karl Foxley of FMSSEO, highlighted the value of YouTube and podcasts in 30+ Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Website. By adding podcasting and video sharing sites to your portfolio of social networks, you’ll expand your reach to potential subscribers from new audiences in the quest to attain higher Alexa rank, and ultimate blog supremacy.
I suggest you create your own how-to or introductory podcasts to improve your brand recognition and boost your credibility. Post videos on your blog, but also increase your chances of going viral by adding it a plethora of sites including YouTube, iTunes, Vimeo, and a string of others. Another benefit is that some sites, like offer the possibility of additional revenue streams by adding sponsored clips to your content.
You can create video, and also audio podcasts or you can do both. I prefer using video mostly in the form of “how-to” screencasts. Here’s what you need to get started with screencasting:
  • Recording Software
  • Mic
  • RSS Feed for distribution
Here’s a short screencast I created to demonstrate the recording interface from the website:
When you are done creating your video, you are ready to share it with the world. Register with video sharing sites like some of the ones I joined:
Next, sign up for TubeMogul, where you can save lots of time by uploading your video once for simultaneous distribution to all of these sites for maximum access to a multitude of new subscribers. In my last post Promote Your Blog With a Podcast I talked specifically about how “creating an account and uploading videos to sends an RSS feed directly to iTunes”, and how the use of video is directly responsible for a significant increase in my traffic. Additional resources and tutorials are listed on my blog as well.

What are your podcasting experiences? What useful resources you’re aware of?

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