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My Journey To A Paid Web Host

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My Journey To A Paid Web Host

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Paid HostingI began my blogging journey just a little over a year ago using free blogging platforms. is my favorite free host but I also published free blogs with Blogger, Posterous and even Tumblr. Early on, I had no idea of the differences between a free blog platform versus paid web hosting on my own domain, and what the actual benefits might be. As time went on, I began to crawl around like a wide-eyed toddler, learning as much as I could about this new world known as the blogosphere. I began to learn the rules and became more comfortable with the lingo. Yet, like a stubborn 5th grader, I still was’t convinced that I needed a self-hosted WordPress blog in order to achieve blogging “success”.
After all, my primary reason for blogging has alway been “ learn, to teach and to connect!”. I had little interest in monetizing my blog and like most casual bloggers, I considered blogging as a hobby and not something I wanted to dip into my monthly spending budget for.
BuddyPress – a stepping stone
Along the way I was invited to join a free BuddyPress community called BloggingWire. For those of you who aren’t familiar with BuddyPress, it’s the multi-user or multi-site option that can be accessed through any self-hosted WordPress blog. BuddyPress opened a door for me and once I went through that door, there was really no turning back. It was as if I was being transported to the next level of the blogosphere because I was able to experience the full-scale WordPress dashboard! It offered me so much more than the watered down version of the dashboard I had access to with
I began to stroll through what seemed like and endless gold mine filled with free themes, yet the thing that actually pushed me over the edge, was the WordPress guided tour down “plugin lane”. BloggingWire gave me a taste of what having a self-hosted blog means and how WordPress is capable of elevating my blogging experience to the next level.

Moving On Up!

By the time, I was ready for graduation day and the migration process up to my self-hosted WordPress blog Basic Blog Tips, I had plenty of reasons to choose Blue Host. This is only a short, but in my eyes, very important list:
  1. WordPress recommends Blue Host for quick and easy installation and integration with WordPress 3.0.1
  2. Blue Host is well known for being very reliable and they have 24 hour support, including live chat
  3. DiTesco from IBlogZone and tech blogger Paul from Technically Easy recommend Blue Host
Typhoon from SmartBloggerz lists 5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Web Hosting Company to help in the decision process. I will bookmark his post because although I picked Blue Host, I’ve also run across some other impressive hosting providers in my travels. HostMonster and HostGator are two other paid web hosts that I might just be venturing down the road with one day in the future.
I doubt that I’m any where near the end of my blogging road yet.
Web Hosting Reviews
What makes me different from the other million web hosting review sites, you see floating around the net is I actually check with the Better Business Bureau and rate each service on four other important areas; reliability, server speed, customer service, and cost. Please look over my full list of web hosting reviews by viewing the root site. Best Web Hosting Service
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