Friday, November 5, 2010

How-To Customize Your FeedBurner Feed With Your Logo

You can add branding to the look of your RSS feed on FeedBurner by including your logo. If you need to, you can learn all about the Basics of Blog Feeds and FeedBurner over at Basic Blog Tips. When you're done, follow these instructions and your logo will appear in the top right hand corner. Watch this screencast to see how it's done.

Here are the steps for adding your logo to your feed that you will see in the video:
  • Log on to your FeedBurner Account
  • Look for the Optimize Tab on the top
  • Navigate to Feed Image Burner from the menu on the left
  • Enter the URL of your logo
  • Enter the URL of your blog
  • Save the changes and preview your feed
    In the next video I will demonstrate how to add your logo to your feed if you are using FeedBlitz. Stay tuned. I also have 10 Tips to get more feed subscribers.


    UPDATE: You can find the free video demonstration with instructions to add your logo to FeedBlitz in the FeedBurner Tips and Tutorials Playlist on my YouTube channel.

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