Friday, October 1, 2010

BizChickBlogs Celebrates Her 100th Post! #Amplify

This is one awesome woman!

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BizChickBlogs’ 100th Post!

Written by Tia Peterson

Hi, I am the creator of and Living Legacy. I am a former technical writer turned business analyst turned blog developer turned web content strategist. Read my full bio for BCB here, or catch me on Twitter @bizchickblogs.

Tia Peterson has written 90 awesome post(s) for BizChickBlogs.

Guest bloggers are welcome.

100 posts at BizChickBlogs

Happy 100th Post Day here at BizChickBlogs. Today is also 10/01/2010 (or 01/10/2010). This marks a very special day in the history of this blog.

I was very good at training in my previous jobs, but as I started blogging, I realized that style of writing didn’t suit me. People can always feel free to contact me and ask me specific questions, but writing how-to tutorial after tutorial is not my thing. It’s better left to the Ileane‘s and DragonBloggers of this world, who are fabulous at writing reviews and getting into the nitty-gritty details which are crucial to success.

I am better at setting direction and providing guidance. In a horse race, all of the technique in the world won’t help if the horse is headed in the wrong direction. BizChickBlogs is about mindset, strategy, execution, follow-through, and finishing touches. And the occasional “What’s Up With That?” type of post, too.

Well over half of BizChickBlogs’ readers are men. That’s a surprise!

People Who Rock

I’m saying “people” intentionally, rather than the label “bloggers.” At the end of the day, we’re just people who have lives and visions and dreams and plans.

Stuff that Rocks

So what keeps BizChickBlogs running? Lots.


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