Tuesday, September 28, 2010

YouTube Embed Code - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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YouTube Embed Code – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

If you have a blog, you are likely to have already embedded YouTube videos plenty of times. But are you sure you know EVERYTHING about making the most of the YouTube embed code? Even if you consider yourself a YouTube pro, you are likely to find something new in this post. Wanna bet?

What is this guide going to be about? Let’s see:

  1. Standard (“Classic”) YouTube Embedded Player: the embedded player we are all used to plus what we didn’t know about it.

    1. YouTube Embedded Player Options

    2. Useful YouTube Embedded Player Parameters

    3. Add a Clickable Link In the Videos (Without Using Annotations)

  2. New HTML5-Friendly Embed Code: still in beta but already worth looking at.

  3. How to Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint, Forum Thread and Gmail

    1. Embed Youtube Videos in PowerPoint

    2. Embed Youtube Videos in a Forum Thread

    3. Embed Youtube Videos in Gmail

1. Standard (“Classic”) YouTube Embedded Player

Youtube - embed

Youtube linked video

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