Sunday, September 12, 2010

Top 10 Up and Coming Women Bloggers

Yay! I made the list.

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Women Bloggers I’m Happy To Know

So here is my list of Up and Coming Women Bloggers.

tia Tia Peterson

From her: Her- e, bloggers of all levels can find content to help them create a blog with a great readership and community. I enjoy helping women (and men) in business launch successful blogs, so if that’s you, please feel right at home!

kiesha Kiesha Easley –

From her: I’m currently a technical writer, and before that I was an English instructor at both secondary and college levels. I do consulting for local business owners who want help developing a web presence, I also freelance and ghostwrite both online.

ileane Ileane –

From her: I don’t put limits on the scope of this blog by saying I’m going to discuss Marketing, Graphic Design, Music, Networking, Finances, Sports, Politics, Social Injustice or Romance. This blog will address all of those things and more. I’m the type of person that tries to learn something even if I’m not interested in it.

karen Karen –

From her: Blogging has always been a passion ever since getting the first taste of it some years back and finding that it is just so damn addictive, since starting Blazing Minds I have blogged about a wide range of topics from everyday observations to blogging and twitter tips.


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