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HTML Every Blogger Should Know

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HTML Every Blogger Should Know

By Erica Mueller on August 20, 2010

blogging  HTML Every Blogger Should KnowAfter a brief problem with my blog’s visual editor, and having to rely on my HTML knowledge, I started to wonder… Do bloggers know the basic HTML they need?

Some blogs you contribute to may have their visual editors turned off, requiring writers to use HTML to style their entries. Other times you may need to manually edit some HTML in a widget or post.

A few basic HTML tags every blogger needs to know.

Header Tags:

Your page and post titles are built using header or ‘h’ tags. The trick to these is remembering that the lower the number, the larger the font. Header tag sizes are determined by your theme’s css file, so if you need to change them, you can. A Header tag looks like this: <h1> and is closed in this manner </h1>

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