Thursday, September 16, 2010

How To Brand Your Wordpress Blog On Twitter

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Brand You WordPress Blog on TwitterIt’s rare, but sometimes changes that occur from a software update that ultimately “breaks” one major feature, may open the door for other, cooler features in its wake.

When Twitter started to force using OAuth in order to allow third-party applications to access their code functionality, many client applications essentially had to be altered to conform, or…offer another way to connect.

Twitter allows developers (and pretty much anybody else) to plug into the Twittersphere by creating their own applications.  If you wanted to create the next Windows or Mac based client tool for Twerps, have at it.  However, in this post, I’ll cover how you can tie your WordPress blog directly into Twitter’s API and maintain your own branding efforts when you publish a new post.

As a blogger, the ultimate goal is to drive traffic back to your blog from as many external hubs as possible.  This includes any of the popular social media outlets or other services and sites that you may be linked up with such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on.

Twitter is quite possibly one of the main sources of social media used to drive traffic for bloggers, so wouldn’t it be nice to push your brand out via your Twitter activity?  As an example, take a look at one of my recent Tweets:

See the awesomesauce that I’m talking about, yet?  My tweets, or blog posts hit my stream via…ME!


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