Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Customize Your Amplify Page!

Amplify’d from basicblogtips.com

How-to Customize Your Amplify Page

I sent out a “call to action” for members of Blog Engage to follow each other on networks outside of the normal social sharing sites that lead the pack: BloggerLuv, Amplify, Bloggers, HubPages and YouSayToo.

Joining BloggerLuv is highly recommended by myself and at the very least I suggest you add your links to the DoFollow Bookmarking page.  Today I want to go into more detail and discuss what I think is the next up-and-coming social networking tour de force Amplify.Amplify Where Conversation is King

I’ve been spending more time on the Amplify site and I’m really impressed with how user-friendly the interface is. I use the handy Chrome Extension for Amplify and the browser bookmarklet as well. It’s an excellent way to build links, and share the content of what I consider the most intriguing content on the web (including my own blog posts).

Visit the site and you’ll find that you can quickly sign-in with Twitter or Facebook and instantly you’ve created you very own MyAmplify page. You can auto-post to several social networks but be mindful not to “overshare“.  Or simply use Amplify to create a customized collection of articles focused on your topic of choice.

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