Friday, September 24, 2010

Complete Guide to Easy Blog SEO for Busy Bloggers via @weblogbetter

Here's some advice for your Amplog too!

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Complete Guide to Easy Blog SEO for Busy Bloggers

By Tia Peterson | 36 Comments

#4 Inbound Links Anchored with Keywords

This is simple: pick up some keyword-contextual inbound links. Easy ways to do it:

  • When blogging on open platforms such as BlogHer, create a signature that contains anchor text links.

  • Vary your author resource boxes in article directories so it links to a specific post.

  • Use a service like Amplify to create a single sentence blog update that links anchor text to your new post.

Simple as that! Those are just a few ideas. Do that a lot, and do it differently based on specific posts.

Special Tip for Amplify: If you write a post on pilates exercise videos, update your Amplog (your Amplify blog) with a sentence like, “Just published a post on pilates exercise videos that lists four places to find them for under $10. Have a look!” Link ‘pilates exercise videos’ to your new post, and when you update your Amplog, be sure to connect all of the services to it (Blogger, Tumblr, Diigo, Plurk, etc.) so that your anchor text link gets everywhere.

Don’t go overboard! Quite frankly, for many of your posts, if the target keyword is largely non-competitive, one to two inbound anchor text links is going to be enough, and then if your content is sticky, more people will link to it on your behalf so you don’t need to. Contrary to popular belief, most people publishing content on the Internet know little to nothing about SEO. You are at a major advantage.


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