Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Add Style Box Without Using The Plugin

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Add Style Box Without Using The Plugin

While visiting some blogs, I came across a nice design feature which can be used to highlight different points and make headings so that it becomes easier for the reader to get a glance of the main sections. It looks something like this (the blue bar).

Using style Box without plugin

So I asked another blogger and came to know that it is done using a plugin called Style Box (Thesis Style Box for Thesis users). But I didn’t want to use another plugin for this purpose, so I Googled for a way to do that same thing manually by codes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything from Google (can you believe this!!!!).

So I took some help of the blockquote feature and used my CSS knowledge (I am learning from W3Schools) and came up with this solution which, even though it’s not as good looking as the one in the plugin, but it’s enough to do the task.

Note : If you follow these steps, please backup your theme and everything..it’s a good practice.

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